If you’re wondering what is one of the most difficult things about writing a book, well it’s not getting the book published. The actual writing itself is a tricky task and requires an expert hand at work. 

Are you a budding writer who is motivated to create their first-ever book? 

Well in that case, here’s an article that will definitely be worth writing. 

Here are the ten important yet simple steps that will help you create the perfect book in no time. 


A Simple Question Can Be Your Starting Point

It all starts with a simple thought. 

If you’ve planned on writing your first book, think about what you want to write first. 

Let’s just say, you are planning to talk about CATS and how they hunt MICE. 

To begin with, start with a simple sentence or maybe a question. 

Now elaborate that question into a paragraph and from that paragraph draw the outline. You may also want to put together a table of content of all things that can engage your audience. 

And voila, that’s your first step to writing a book on “HOW ACTUALLY CATS KILL MICE” 

Decide How Much Word Count Per Day You’re Going to Dedicate 

We all know John Grisham from “The Chamber.” 

But what we don’t know is before John was a successful author, he was a lawyer and a full-time dad. Even though he had plenty on his plate, he would still wake up early in the morning and dedicate some time to writing a page every day. His persistence is what kept him going and become one of the successful legal thriller writers today. 

Who would’ve thought a simple dad & lawyer would entice hundreds and thousands of dedicated followers from around the world one day?! 

If John Grisham, a simple dad & lawyer could do it, then why couldn’t you? Do you think you have that spark to become a book writer? 

For John Grisham, it all started with one page a day. How much as an author are you willing to commit? 


Choose A Time to Work on Your Big Challenge 

If you practice your craft on a daily basis, you eventually become a master of it. 

Take my word for it and do the math yourself. A doctor only becomes a professional at his work when he spends years on honing that skill. Similarly, an author becomes a great writer when he dedicates every day to work on his big challenge. But it only becomes worthwhile if you choose a specific time for it. 

Writing, unlike other professions, doesn’t come easy. But with consistency, anything can be achieved.

So stay persistent and keep working on your big challenge. 

Speaking of Spaces… 

You know what they say about spaces, when you stay in a place for a while it leaves an essence of you behind. Whether it’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a library where you chose to work on your book, try to sit in the same place every time. Your writing space should always be different from the usual spaces where you spend your time. By doing so, you will make your writing space a special place and hence you will be able to produce marvelous results. The right place will always keep you motivated. It will always send you a peaceful reminder that your book should be finished so you don’t abandon the project. 


Get Early Feedbacks on Your Finished Drafts 

There’s no pain worse than writing a book and then eventually realizing it, that it’s not that good and you might have to rewrite the whole thing. 

To save yourself such hassles, it is advised that you keep a few trusted readers always around. 

These trusted advisers will always help you learn what’s worth writing & what is worth discarding. Now this small group of people can be someone in your family, friends, colleagues or maybe an editorial team. 

Just find someone who can read your stuff with an open mind and give you an honest opinion. 

By doing so, you will know if you’re moving in the right direction or not. 

You Need Commitment to Finish the Book Before You Even Begin 

As easy as it may sound, writing a book is not an easy task. 

Many of us often encounter the grave problem of speeding things up in the wake of finishing the book early which is not right. Others simply shorten the mid section or deviate from the perspective. 

All of this creates a bummer for readers & would easily make your book uninteresting for the average reader. 

If you’re planning to write a book, my advice is don’t rush it. Just make a solid commitment to yourself that you will invest at least some of your creativity every day to craft the perfect masterpiece. 

Once you have written the book, have a quick review to make sure if it sounds right. Keep practicing, making edits and finding your own errors to make a book that shows your worth. 


Concluding Thoughts 

Book writing is not an easy task. It’s challenging but it can be easy if you’re ready to be persistent. Consistency can make you better at your art & craft. It can help you overcome the hurdles of creative blocks & create books that are engaging. Are you a social influencer or someone who wants to create a book? If you don’t have the time to tell your own story, let a professional book writing service like Prolific Ghostwriting Service take the charge. Let us help you create the perfect book with all the ins & outs. 


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