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Do you run a blog? 

In case you do, then there’s a high chance that you’re searching for writers who have the talent and expertise to create content that can rank easily on the Internet. Besides just achieving high rankings, you also need someone who holds the potential to craft words that can bring value to your viewers. 

We know how search engines demand fresh content. 

And if you’re someone who wants to focus on other avenues of your business, then hiring a ghostwriter to generate content for you is your best bet. In today’s article, we are going to discuss how much a ghostwriter can charge you for the job. So before we begin, let’s understand who or what a ghostwriter is & how it can benefit your blogging business in the long run. 


What is a Ghostwriter & How Is He/She Different from a Staff Writer? 

A ghostwriter is a person who is tasked with the responsibility of generating content for your business. They are not entitled to become the author of the work which they submit to you. For example, if there’s a blog post or a guest post that they cover for your blogging business, their work will be published on other people’s websites, but they won’t get any author recognition on the business website. 

A staff writer, on the other hand, is a person who earns his/her recognition by getting his/her work published under their own name. They are normally hired by a blog or a company as freelance writers or as full-time resources to craft content for their website. However, their work goes up on the website under their own title & therefore, they get due recognition for the service which they deliver to the blog. 

Since we are now in the clear on how either of them differs from each other, let’s move down to the next phase. How can you get connected to a Ghostwriter? 


The Art of Reaching Out Referrals Online 

Let’s assume that you’re searching for a professional writer to create crafty content for your website, if you’re looking for referrals online then there are several options for you. 

To begin with, you can always ask around people in your close circles to provide you with references. Start with a colleague or a friend who can help you get connected with the relevant person. 

A good referral from a previously known employer or a friend can keep you in the clear. 

If you still can’t find a relevant resource to help you with your blog from the inner circles, then you can always check out platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancers, etc. 

Such platforms are great for searching for a reliable person for the job.


Create a Job Posting for a Writer and Send a Shout Out on Facebook 

Another great way to attract customers to your website is by creating an interactive blog post and sending it away on Facebook. Social media is one of the best ways to engage the target market by reaching out to the right people. A simple crafty post offering a job offer or your request of searching for a ghostwriter service is enough to acquire the attention of your audience and win them by a significant margin. 

It will not only help you engage with the right people for the job but will also enable you to ask them to send you relevant samples on demand. Being clear on the type of writer you’re seeking is the ball game to success. And social media is a powerful avenue which helps you get the most of it within no time. 


What Should You Pay a Ghostwriter? 

Well here’s technically the real question of the hour. How much should you pay a ghostwriter for the job? The answer is, there’s no fixed rate. Some ghostwriters can charge you around 20 dollars for a five hundred word piece. But that’s a normal rate which they charge as a beginner level writer. 

If they are more experienced and have a better grasp and information on ghostwriting, then they can charge you anything from 80 dollars up to 120 dollars a piece. However, the work that they are going to provide you at that rate will be worth it. You will find proper keyword optimization, top quality content, proper link building, in depth research and everything that you expect from a good piece. 

If you’re going for a complete ebook sort of a service then it’s a completely different ball game. 

It can range from anywhere between 3000 dollars and goes as much as up to 7000 dollars or more. 

So there you go, here’s complete information on what you need to do in order to hire a ghostwriter. Are you searching for a professional ghostwriting service for your business? Want to hire the best person for the job! Look no further than prolific ghostwriting service to assist you with your ghostwriting tasks. We are your one stop shop solution for all write up requirements. Our professionals are highly talented & have years of experience in delivering you top quality writing service at an affordable price. Feel free to get in touch with our experts and get a ghostwriting service that’s going to reward you profitably in future. 


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