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Looking for The Book Marketing Service?

Hire the best book marketing service out there to define your launching strategies. We execute our marketing strategies in a manner that makes your book stand out from all the others.

1) Order Details:  Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form and provide all relevant information about your book. You will instantly be welcomed by one of our project managers. Once the manager has received all the necessary information, your order will be confirmed.

2) Research & Determining Target Audience: The most eligible marketers will be appointed to draft marketing strategies for your book. After thorough research on the subject of your book, the target audience will be determined, and the book will be marketed in a manner as to target that specific audience.

3) First Marketing Strategy Approval: As soon as the first marketing step is drawn out, it is sent to you for your approval. Once approved, the execution of marketing strategies similarly begins.

4) Pre-launch Promotion: Our marketers will create buzz and hype among the public before your book is even published. This is achieved by appealing posts, opening pre-bookings, and self-advertisement in top newspapers and magazines.

5) Book launch: Our marketers know very well how to plan the perfect book launch, to invite those guests that will play a pivotal role in marketing your book by building public relations and hiring media people.

6) Post-launch Promotion: Even after your book is released, our marketers will not settle down. For them, this is a crucial point in determining the success of your book and will execute more promotional plans until your book turns into a bestseller.

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Prolific Ghostwriting.’s premium ghostwriting and publishing services aim at assisting you to achieve your professional writing and publishing aspirations. Right from the initial idea to the moment when you open your book for the first time, our diligent ghostwriter, editor and a seasoned consultant will be available to ensure perfection in your publication.

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